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Rules of the Sedan Chair Race


Teams consist of a maximum of nine persons, one of whom must be the ‘Passenger’ (except for Super Fun Challenge) and who must remain in the chair throughout the Race. Passengers must be over 16 years old, alive and human. Ladies’ and school teams do not have a passenger but must have a weight of at least 10kg firmly attached to the chair (bottled water or a bag of rice is recommended). One official cheerleader is optional but may not touch the chair at any time during the Race.


In addition to the rules applying to other teams, all school teams must have participants of both sexes, with a minimum of three males and three females.


Standard chairs and poles are provided for all teams. No alteration may be made to the standard chair, but weight may be added in the form of decoration, however the chair MUST NOT be made any wider. Only two standard poles are issued to each team. No alteration may be made to the poles other than the addition of padding and/or slings. All members of the team need not carry the chair at the same time, but all must start the Race together. Substitutes are not allowed.


To see dimension of the chair, please click here.


Serious / Fun Challenge Course: Turn left outside Matilda International Hospital gate along the back of Mount Kellett Road until the intersection with Homestead Road. Take Homestead Road until the end, and loop back to the right and on to the front of Mount Kellett Road to return to the main gate of the Hospital.


To see the route map, please click here.

Start / finish

Teams start in pairs. Starting positions are decided by ballot before the Race. If any member of the team puts a foot across the start line before its starting signal, there is a one minute penalty. The teams end the Race when the head of the passenger (or in the case of schools and ladies teams, the front frame of the chair) crosses the finish line. It is not necessary for all members of the team to be across the line at the finish. Teams must display the allocated chair number prominently on the front of the chair. If chair numbers are not clearly visible to the timekeepers, an official time cannot be given.

Fitness / running

Participants MUST be physically fit. Neither Matilda International Hospital nor Sedan Chair Race Committee members accept responsibility for any injuries or illness incurred during practice or the actual Race. Teams run on the left unless overtaking.


Complaints by teams against each other will not be entertained.


No team may win more than one award in any category on Race Day.



Contravention of any of the rules and regulations will lead to either immediate disqualification or the award of a time penalty at the discretion of the Race Director. The Race Director’s decision on race day will be final. Teams may lodge an appeal in writing within seven days from the date of the race to the Race Committee for consideration with suitable justification and evidence where required.


Terms and Conditions of Race Participation:

Please read carefully all terms and conditions that apply here.