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Route Map




Date: Sunday, 29th October, 2017



08:00 Team Registration
09:00 Judging for the Fun Awards & Sedan Chair Scrutineering for all teams
10:00 Race Starts

Presentation of Awards and Opening Ceremony



Matilda International Hospital, The Peak


PARTICIPANTS: Teams shall consist of all males, all females or mixed runners of a maximum of 9 persons, one of whom must be the passenger (except for Super Fun Challenge). Passengers must be over 16 years, alive and human, and must remain in the chair throughout the entire race. Ladies and School teams may have a dummy weighing at least 10kg instead of a passenger. One official cheerleader to run with the team is optional but must not touch the chair at any time during the race. School teams must comprise of a minimum of three boys and three girls.


CHAIRS: A sedan chair and 2 poles are provided; these are available for teams to take away and decorate from around late September. No alteration to the width of the chair is permitted. The chair cannot be wheeled around the course.  Practice chairs will be provided on site for team practice on the course itself before Event Day.


FITNESS: Participants MUST be physically fit. It is recommended as part of team-building that teams are familiar with the course and have at least 2 practice runs (with a passenger if appropriate for your category) before the Event.  Neither MIH nor the Sedan Chair Charities Fund Committee is responsible for injuries or damages incurred during practice or the actual race.


RULES: Teams will begin the race in pairs according to a pre-determined line-up order and starting time (determined by ballot). The elapsed time will be determined when the head of the passenger in the chair crosses the finish line. It is not necessary for all team members to cross the line together. Chair numbers must be prominently displayed at the front and top of the chair. On course, teams should run on the left and overtake on the right. No complaints against any team by any other will be entertained.


ROUTE: 2.1 km. Clockwise from back gates of MIH around Mt Kellett Road via Homestead Road and back.



PRIZES: Trophies and Certificates of achievement can be won from the following:


Super Eight Challenge Winner

Fastest Serious Challenge Team – Mens’

Fastest Serious Challenge Team – Ladies’

Fastest School Team



Team Capturing the “Spirit of the Event”

Best Decorated Chair

Best Dressed Team

Most Entertaining Team

Andy Naylor Encouragement & Recognition of Team Effort



Best Fundraising Team

Best Fundraising Club or Association

Best Fundraising School

Best Fundraising New Team

Best Fundraising Most Improved Team



Winners of the Fast and Fun Awards will be announced on the day.



Sedan Chair Charities Fund has raised around HK$70 million and benefited over 138 local charities since its inception. Matilda International Hospital provides the venue and support, and is not the recipient of any of the funds raised from the Sedan Chair Charities Fund.