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Being our volunteer

We are currently looking for experienced volunteers to join us.  We need volunteers to support us for the administrative work prior the Event and take duties during the Race & Bazaar day.  As a charity fund administration office, we are only a small team with few full time staffs.   We need volunteers from diverse backgrounds to be with us and make the Event as successful as it can be! 

Volunteer Roles

A. Pre-event / Post-event: General Administration

(good demand in English (verbal and written) is requested.)


  • Art & design (skillful in Illustrator and / or Photoshop etc)

  • Administrative duties

  • Making cold calls to potential sponsors

  • Editorial and translation 

  • Organize and distribute donation for bazaar

  • Data entry

  • Carpenter (Sedan Chair inspection)


B. During the Race (include but not limited to):


  • Reception

  • Guest Handling

  • Time keeper

  • Race marshal

  • Crowd control

  • Photo taking

  • Video recording


C. During the bazaar (include but not limited to):


  • Guest performer (i.e. responsible for preparing a stage live performance)

  • Bazaar assistants

  • Booth handling

  • Photo taking

  • Video recording

  • Crowd control

  • Or tell us any specific roles you can do at the Bazaar and Race!

Volunteer Standards and Responsibilities

Volunteers represent a valuable resource for the Fund, its staff and its visitors. Volunteers should be given meaningful assignments and effective direction, and be recognized for work done. In return, volunteers should actively perform their duties to the best of their abilities, volunteer at their assigned times, and remain loyal to the mission and procedures of the Fund. Upon successful completion of your service, the “Certificate of Appreciation” will be awarded to you in recognition for your hard work.  The Certificate will only be issued to those who work for us with quality in service, hearts and right attitude.


If you are interested in any of the roles as shown above, please complete the volunteer registration form and email to program@sedanchairace.org.