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Beneficiaries Update - Sailibility Hong Kong

Publish Date: 31 Jul, 2017


Sailing makes him smile


Jack now 8, was diagnosed with Perthes in November 2016, a condition that affects his left hip. Jack underwent an operation at the Matilda International Hospital and is recovering steadily though he can’t yet enjoy his favourite sporting activities such as riding his HOY bike, BMX bike racing, skateboarding, rugby or tennis. But he never gives up and has found a new way to stay active and have a lot of fun through learning sailing. Sailability Hong Kong provides facilities and expertise for a sailing experience for people with a disability who would not otherwise have the opportunity. They are one of our beneficiaries in 2016/2017.


You can find his smiling face again! Although he is only 8 years old, Jack is enthusiastic about helping children with Perthes to find mobility and freedom. Join hands with Jack and Sedan Chair Charities Fund to help those in need in Hong Kong.


Note: The abovementioned is excerpt from https://pedalthroughperthes.org/




Want to give your support to the people in the community like Jack?

Sign up for the Sedan Chair Race 2017 now. The funds will be used to support local micro charities and help the people in need.


Visit here for race details.